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Bioconductor Digest, Vol 98, Issue 6

Hi Alex, The reason that entrez gene IDs are absent is because this package is based primarily on resources from Tair instead of NCBI This was a preference that was voice from the community of scientists that work on Arabidopsis..

plotting 3d image of pca analysis - Bioconductor

I prefer the plots you can construct using the rgl package (which provides an R interface to the OpenGL graphics standard) However, this requires some manual manuipulations to get just the plot you want..


Created Date: 5/28/2015 1:33:51 PM..

BiTrinA - The Comprehensive R Archive Network

BiTrinA is an R package that provides three di erent methods for the bina-rization of one-dimensional data The package also o ers an assessment of the quality of the computed binarization as well as two di erent visualization func-tions for the results..

Bioconductor Single Package Builder - Build History

* checking for file REMP/DESCRIPTION , OK * preparing REMP: * checking DESCRIPTION meta-information , OK * installing the package to build vignettes * creating vignettes ...

BCA source: R/BCAR - rdrrio

R/BCAR defines the following functions: spmBCA scatterplotMatrixBCAdefault scatterplotMatrixBCAformula scatterplotMatrixBCA spBCA scatterplotBCAdefault scatterplotBCAformula scatterplotBCA adjProbScore rawProbScore rankScore liftchart bootCVD bootPlot bootCH SDIndex SDclv bpCent3d bpCent relabelfactor variablesummary createsamples..